So, I saw a lot of movies this year. In fact, this year is probably a record for the amount of films I’ve seen.

  1. Avenger: Infinity Wars: Woo-boy! This was a biggy. The tenth anniversary film of the MCU and Part 1 of the big farewell for the original actors (though possibly just the two Chrises and Robert Downey Jr *Shrugs*). While I’d say the Wanda/Vision romance was awkward in the last Avengers film, it was sweet in this one. I’m glad so much time was spent in Wakanda and with the Guardians considering how popular both of them are (even if the next film is gonna be the last time we see the Guardians for a while), though the Guardians were a given considering Gamora’s tie to Thanos. Some deaths I didn’t see coming, the actions was amazing as was the character interactions between character who hadn’t before. Who knew Thor, Rocket, and Groot would work so well? Also, I bet that eye was actually the same one from Guardians 2 which was the same one Rocket commented on in Guardians 1….In my opinion. That’s kinda my theory about James Gunn trying to sneak that eye into everything with the Guardians in it. I don’t know where things are going in the next film, but it’s gonna be a trip. …5 bucks on Steve sacrificing himself.
  2. Deadpool 2: The Merc with the Mouth proves that his first film wasn’t just a fluke by giving a movie that’s possibly even better than the first. While I’m sad Vanessa wasn’t given much to do in this film, the rest of the returning cast, as well as the new ones, are excellent. Casually slipping in a gay romance, showing just how awesome Domino’s luck power is, and, of course, the terrific meta humour, it’s just so fun despite the darkish (this IS Deadpool) R-rated tone. I really hope Disney does the smart thing and just let’s Ryan Reynolds do whatever he wants with Deadpool after they seal the Fox deal (Apparently, from what I heard, they will. Good decision, Disney). I want more. Also, very funny credit scenes.
  3. Solo: A Star Wars Story: Honestly, I went into this film wanting to see Han and Chewie’s first adventure (and also Donald Glover as Lando (He’s coming back in Episode 9 btw. Finally!)) and that’s exactly what I got, like how I went into Rogue One wanting a better prequel than the prequel trilogy and got that too. It’s a decent action film, probably not as good as Rogue One, but it’s not bad. Honestly, the film just suffers from expectation more than anything else. It’s the same reason Scott Pilgrim (a better movie btw) didn’t do as well outside of geeks. Mainstream audiences just aren’t interested. I know it’s hard to believe because there are so many geek films these days, but it’s true. Still, I liked it though I wish the film had been about Lando.
  4. Ocean’s 8: I like the Ocean movies. They’re good solid heist films with fun characters and witty banter. This film is no exception. I find it a bit stupid that they thought they had to justify Danny Ocean not being in the film by killing him (he might have faked it, but still), but other than that it’s a solid fun film like all the Ocean movies. The cast had great chemistry, they don’t just erase the past films (not necessary, but nice), and, while not anything groundbreaking outside of the diverse female cast, I’d like another, please. Though I do think James Corbin was mainly there to pad the runtime.
  5. Incredibles 2: The Incredibles is a great film and it’s long been a question for me as to why Pixar never made a sequel. I mean, out of every film they had, The Incredibles was the one you’d think would get one. It’s a superhero movie, you can do so much with that. Is this a good as the first? Maybe not, but I still think it’s a good movie. I like how Helen is getting more focus and Bob has to be a stay at home dad. Frozone, I think, has more screen time here than in the first film. Also, who knew Jack Jack and Edna’s interactions would be so adorable? Better villain? Maybe not, but it’s kinda memorable and gets the job done. The action scenes are great and it’s Pixar animation, you know it’s good. I’d say this rates up there with Pixar’s good movies. Thank god, the once neigh untouchable Pixar is back…kinda. We do still have to get through that Toy Story 4 movie.
  6. Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom: I love dinosaurs. Loved them ever since I was a kid and I’m glad we get more Jurassic Park films now. The Jurassic World movies are honestly better than the two older sequels though I’d say the originals might have had better characters. I’m glad we’re finally getting off the island, though I’ll admit the last island scene was a tearjerker. I think the dinosaurs look better than they did in the last movie and the T-Rex is the best. Seriously, she saves the day like two or three times with that Carnotaurus thing from Disney’s Dinosaur…anyone remember that movie? You want dinosaurs? Here’s your dinosaurs. Now, I’m wishing I had seen The Meg cause I love me that Mosasaurus. Giant shark things! Woo!
  7. Ant-Man and the Wasp: Well, this was a nice divergent after Infinity War. A fun action comedy with Wasp as the co lead instead of a side character this time. This was great. I honestly think I might like it a bit better than the original, but the original had more than one Louis flashback talk scenes so hard to choose. The villian is a better one than Yellowjacket, I do like that this one lets Scott hang out with his daughter more, and Michelle Pfeiffer makes a badass Janet van Dyne. The size changing stuff was fun and Louis got to be in on more of that kind of action which is always great. Can’t wait to see what happens in Infinity War Part 2…or “Avengers: Annihilation” if that leak is to be believed.
  8. Teen Titans Go! To the Movies: Don’t judge me. I went for the mid credit scene and for the vain hope that their blackmail of ‘go see this and we might possibly maybe bring back your show someday maybe’ would actually pay off. I’m not a fan of TTG, but I don’t hate watch it like a lot of people. I saw a few clips online, thought it was annoying though with a few good jokes, but it’s ultimately just not for me and it’s not my taste in comedy. I don’t like stuff where the main character(s) is an idiot and that’s the central joke. I’ll stick with my show, thank you and goodnight. My biggest problem with it really is that it’s basically the only thing playing on Cartoon Network these days in huge marathons whereas shows I do like such as Steven Universe and Justice League Action (which you know isn’t getting a second season since it only exists to promote a movie that ultimately bombed.) are pushed aside for it more often than not and they seem to forget that they have a whole slew of popular classic shows they could show in reruns instead. I don’t even know if Boomerang is still around. Thankfully, the movie is apparently made by completely different people and, while the Titans themselves are still idiots, the jokes are a lot funnier (particularly the meta ones) and I was honestly just marveling at Deathstroke (yes I’m gonna call him that, I know he’s Slade in this film, but whatever. They’re both his name.)’s plan the whole time. To be honest, I was rooting for him. Though it was mainly as a way to preserve my sanity. I kinda guessed what was going on with Grace from the moment I found out about her character, but it was amusing watching the Titans catch up. I did find myself surprised that I was laughing most of the time and I, reluctantly, do recommend it to people who don’t like the show. Just root for Deathstroke and you’ll be fine. Also, the mid credit scene was worth the price of admission either way. …Now bring back my damn show. Oh, and Lauren Faust’s short at the beginning was good too. Her new show sounds fun.
  9. Christopher Robin: So, I actually went to see this the same day my dog died. Obviously, that made this a bit harder to get through. I love nostalgia driven films, especially when they’re about stuff I like, like Disney and Batman. Hence why I liked the two animated Adam West Batman movies (a post for another day) and why I liked this one. Watching poor Christopher Robin have to go through such a tough life including losing his father, having to grow up faster than he should, and going through World War 2 only to be stuck working for Mark Gatiss playing more social and less intelligent Mycroft Holmes and not being able to spend much time with his awesome wife and daughter (seriously, you wish they were your family) is just heartbreaking when you remember this is supposed to be a combination of the fictional character Christopher Robin and the boy who inspired him (who did serve in the war, marry and have a girl, and grew disenchanted with his childhood, though his father didn’t die until after he was married). So having poor Pooh come looking for him and finding this older version that has different views on the world than his own and the two trying to work together and eventually Christopher learning to be a kid again is so satisfying by the end. Even more so when his wife and daughter get involved at the end and some of the other Pooh character come into real world London. I was crying by the end. You heard correctly, it really does feel like watching a Winnie the Pooh version of Hook.

Well, that’s what I saw. Sorry for the delay. Unfortunately, a depression has been coming on, but I think I’ve managed to head it off at the pass. We’ll just have to see where this leads. Hopefully, you’ll have a new post up by the end of the weekend.