Basic Info

Name: Aine McEvoy

First Name Pronunciation: Anya

Age: 20s

Gender: Cis Woman

Nationality: Irish-American (With a little bit of French-Canadian on my mother’s side)

Religion: Agnostic

Current Residence: Chicago, IL

Hometown: Massachusetts

Occupation: Data Entry Clerk/ Aspiring Author

Hobbies: Reading, Knitting Scarves, Binge Watching, Writing, Web Surfing

Vice: Mintaholic (addiction to mints, specifically peppermint Altoids)


What’s your schedule?

Typically, I put up posts once a week on Saturdays but they might also happen at anytime Friday through Sunday. Otherwise, I do two that week with the post I missed going up on Wednesday.

During the times that Sherlock or Doctor Who are airing, I increase my post output to two week with Doctor Who/Sherlock Reviews going up on Wednesdays. One post for each complete story so multi-parters will be delayed until it’s finished.

Unfortunately, I’m prone to depression and there may be long stretches of time (usually about three months) where I don’t write anything. I apologise for these and I have been trying to think of ways to get around this.

What do the 3 Rs stand for?

They stand for Reviews, Reactions, and Ramblings.

How are you addicted to mints?

Blame my grandmother.

What’s your record for going without mints?


Do you need help?

….yes, yes I do. As we speak my friends are planning an intervention. …I foresee it failing miserably.

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