Yeah, I’m back to doing this again. This time, I’m limiting it to genres I’d actually watch, AKA Geek films(ish?).


Spider-Man: Into the Spider-VerseObviously, I’ve been looking forward to this for forever, mostly because it has Miles Morales in the main role. It has a lot of characters I like in it like Spider-Gwen and Spider Ham played by some good actors like Nicholas Cage as Spider-Man Noir (who, from what I understand , is Spider-Man if he was the lovechild of The Question and a poor man’s Batman so isn’t that perfect casting) and comedian John Mulaney as Spider Ham in supporting roles. Peter fans get him playing the mentor, a new role for him in the movies. It just looks like a good time and hopefully a balm after what we saw in Infinity War, even if it’s not the same Peter.

Mary Poppins Returns: This is the film I’m forcing my parents to watch with me this year. I’ve been looking forward to this since the day it was announced. Mary Poppins is my all time favourite Disney movie and I’ve always wanted a sequel. Sure, it’s not Julie Andrews, but Emily Blunt can sing and she’s got the look right so I’m cool with this. Also, Lin-Manuel Miranda is in it and I always like him. Maybe this will finally net him that Oscar…I hope. Probably not. What we’ve seen from the trailers has only made me more excited and I can’t wait for this to come out. …Also, Dick van Dyke is back!

The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part 2Thankfully, I don’t think you need to have seen the two spin off films in order to watch this which is good because I didn’t see Ninjago. I liked the two films I saw a lot so hell yes I’m watching this one.

How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden WorldStill need to watch the second one, but honestly, the Dragon films are so good, I wouldn’t be surprised if this one is too. If I can watch the second film before this comes out, I’ll definitely watch it.


Mary Queen of ScotsA historical drama about Queen Bess I’s cousin, Mary Queen of Scots. It’s British history, sure outside my wheelhouse of interest, but still an interesting time period all the same. Plus, Margot Robbie is usually good. I’ll give it a shot.

Under the Silver LakeA neo-noir (already a good sign) about Andrew Garfield trying to find his missing neighbour who he’s also in love with. Okay, this had me at neo-noir. If nothing else, it could be a good mystery, though the conspiracy stuff puts it lower.

Mortal EnginesA film based on series of popular novels I’ve never read with a post apocalyptic steampunk setting. Depending on how they adapt it, this could be good. If I had read the book, this might be on the Watching list. As it is, it has my interest. Though I hear the lead girl is supposed to be more scared than she is in the film. That’s a bit disappointing but normal for adaptations, sadly.

Aquaman…I want to put this as a Watching. I really do. But I can’t. The DCEU (minus Wonder Woman) has left me with so little faith in its movies (minus the Wonder Woman sequel) that I can’t in good conscious get my hopes up for this. Especially since it was completed before Justice League bombed and the course correction started. But at the same time, have you seen those trailers? They look so good. As good as Wonder Woman’s. Grr. So, that’s why it’s stuck in Interested. Also, can we quit it with the New 52 stuff? Please? Most of us just want to pretend that 75-90% of that stuff never happened. We don’t need mainstream audiences thinking it’s the norm. Though Aquaman’s new origin was fine so I’m cool with it here.

The Kid Who Would Be KingA modern day King Arthur story starring Andy Serkis’s son. I do love me some King Arthur, I like urban fantasy, and it’s directed by the director of Attack the Block. Yeah, this sounds like something I’d like. Could be fun.

Alita: Battle AngelNever read the manga, but I like some of Rodriguez’s work and if he can pull off an anime inspired film, I’ll be impressed. Still, we have the elephant in the room in the form of the race change so we’re gonna have to see how that goes.


BumblebeeNone of the Transformers films have ever been good (save the 80s film, kinda) and I stopped watching after 2. Ordinarily, this would be a firm Nope on principal alone, but Michael Bay isn’t the director anymore and instead it’s the guy who directed Kubo and the Two Strings, which I really liked. As such, I have to give it the benefit of the doubt. As such, a high Eh is the best I can give it on principal no matter how good the trailer looks.

Welcome to MarwenI’m not the biggest Steve Carell fan. I never liked The Office, always preferred Parks and Rec myself, and anything else he was in that I saw was always just kinda Eh to me except for maybe Little Miss Sunshine. I don’t expect this to be much different but the story sounds interesting so I can’t dismiss it outright.

Holmes & WatsonI do like Will Ferrell a lot more than Carell, but I’m not really a fan of comedic Sherlock Holmes. Again, not gonna dismiss it outright because it is Sherlock Holmes, but I’m not expecting to like it much. It honestly doesn’t look like the type of humour I like.

Escape RoomWhile the premise is interesting, it’s still a horror film which means I probably won’t see it.

GlassA sequel to 2016’s Split as well as M Night Shyamalan’s other most recent good film Unbreakable…from 2000. Dear god, it took him 16 years to make another good film? I haven’t seen the other films so I probably won’t see it, but it’s got Samuel L Jackson in it so who knows?


EliIt’s a horror film. I think I’m good.

Happy Death Day 2UIt’s a slasher film sequel. Big Nope.

Oh, and Wonder Woman 1984 got pushed back to 2020…either to not conflict with Star Wars 9, because of the Joker movie or both. Honestly, if it’s because of the Joker movie then I call bullcrap. Is anyone really looking forward to that? In contrast, everyone is looking forward to Wonder Woman 1984. So what the hell Warner Bros? If it’s because the last one did well in June and you want to put it there then…okay, fair enough, but why not just push it to March? International Women’s Day. It’d be less time between release dates.