Read Part 1 first. It goes over the trailers and clips released at SDCC and NYCC that I’m interested in. In terms of past geek news that I’ve failed to comment on:

  1. Let’s get this out of the way first: #RehireJamesGunn. Disney, you made a mistake (Ie firing a guy about something you already knew about when you hired him and after he had apologized for it multiple times in the past because a guy higher up got scared and didn’t look before he leaped after a bunch of jerks on the internet dug it up). Own up to it and move on or you’re gonna go down in history as the company that can be easily manipulated by Nazis. Moving on.
  2. Hopefully the other DC Universe original shows are good and I especially hope Stargirl is good considering the JSA tends to be on the lighter side and considering how much of the shaft they’ve been getting in comics lately, seeing them in live action would be great, especially if the show coincides with their supposed return at the end of ‘Doomsday Clock’ in July (I think).
  3. That Popular Oscar category is stupid because you know they’re just gonna use it to deny blockbusters a shot at the Best Picture award. It could be worked in a good way, but I doubt that’s what they’ll do and I’m glad they’re delaying the use of it until after the year that Black Panther is almost certainly gonna be nominated considering the huge campaign push Marvel and Disney are giving it. The MCU needs an Oscar if not for the fact that Black Panther is a groundbreaking film then to at least get the dark gritty fans of the DCEU to shut up about the Makeup Award for Suicide Squad that should have gone to Star Trek Beyond. Fite me!
  4. Henry Cavill and Ben Affleck are no long Superman and Batman? Okay. I’m sad that their versions were never able to be put under another director and writer who could have done them better (or out of Snyder’s influence in the case of Suicide Squad), but okay. Fair enough. If it means we’re without Superman and Batman for a few years, fine by me. I wish Affleck luck in rehabilitation. I honestly think they should do what the Marvel films do and put their most popular guys (ie the two guys who have had multiple movies made about them) on the back burner to give their thousands of other characters a shot anyway, so good. I also wish they would quit trying to make that Matt Reeve Batman film so we can get the Nightwing one already, but you know they’re gonna want Batman in there somewhere and the normies will be confused as to why Dick Grayson isn’t Robin anymore so they need to show that. And you know Warner Bros is gonna want to fetishise the Graysons’ deaths like they do the Waynes’ so there’s that. I really hope they quit with the aforementioned ‘Give Dick traits from the other Robins, namely Tim’ thing they’ve been doing since Teen Titans or perhaps further back when they combined Jason and Tim for Batman The Animated Series or Dick and Jason for Batman Forever. …Yeah, did you notice that?
  5. I kinda wish Birds of Prey wasn’t a Harley Quinn vehicle with the Birds in inevitable supporting roles, but there you go. At least they’re actually in it and we’re finally getting an adaptation of Cassandra Cain. The cast choices look good though I’m iffy on the whole race change for Huntress. Yes, I know she’s traditionally white, but she’s black now. Just go with it. The Black Canary one I’m less iffy on. Hair dye is a thing, people. Chill. Wonder if they’ll fix her sexuality to what Gail Simone intended (bisexual) since her’s is the definitive run. Probably not, but I can dream. Black Mask is a good street level villain for a street level story and Renee Montoya is a good choice for a DC cop character to work with the Birds, especially if they eventually decide to make her The Question down the line. Her newly announced actress also looks good. Unlike the two above, they managed to match the actress’s ethnicity with the character’s. Montoya’s parents are Dominican Republic immigrants and her actress is half Puerto Rican, which is close enough. Now, please let her keep her homosexuality. Ooh, a Question/Black Canary romance subplot. Thought for a future movie? Let’s hope this movie actually happens and see where it goes. …Though I assume this would happen after the Flashpoint movie they look like they’re moving towards. …Dear god I hope they keep Cassie Chinese. Asian at least, please!
  6. Ruby Rose from Orange is the New Black is gonna be Batwoman in the upcoming Arrow/Flash/Supergirl crossover and will spin off into her own series, presumably without Batman. Sounds good. I’ve never seen OITNB, but I know that’s where Laverne Cox is known from. I know Rose herself is queer so even better. A lesbian actress playing a lesbian character. Yay! Also, Lois Lane will be in the crossover from Supergirl’s universe since they have an already established Superman.
  7. …Okay so who actually wanted this Joker movie? I know it’s not in canon with the DCEU, but still. Who asked for this? Who’s idea was it to make another Joker so soon after the disaster that was Jared Leto? The Joker is the most overexposed part of the Batman mythos outside of Batman himself and the fact that the last Joker origin movie wasn’t that great, (Yeah I know what I said about it. I like the comic and all but the movie has issues) doesn’t help. I’m keeping it firmly at an Eh. I’m sick and tired of dark and gritty DC films. Yes I know the Joker doesn’t really lend himself to a light hearted interpretation. That’s not the point. Thomas Wayne is supposed to be a jerk in this film. Considering Martha and little Bruce aren’t announced and Thomas’s actor is in his 60s, I’m gonna assume in this universe Thomas never married Martha, never had Bruce, and never died so he’s Joker’s nemesis instead, but if he ends up as Batman, so help me God. To be fair, it could be a nice character study and that could be interesting. While I’m annoyed, I’ll save my full judgement for when we have a trailer next year.
  8. They’re rebooting Sabrina and Charmed. I’m cool with this. I like both franchises and if we can get new stories then I’m happy. We can always use more witches in the world. (Yes, I know The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is an adaptation of the new comic, not a reboot of the 90s show, but that and its spin off cartoon are what most people remember)
  9. Marvel and Disney have made a new Disney XD animated franchise called Marvel Rising staring a lot of characters I like such as Ms. Marvel, Squirrel Girl, America Chavez, Patriot, Ghost-Spider, and others. I would be more excited about this if I had access to Disney shows…which I don’t. They don’t have a deal with Xfinity and I only have internet. …Damn it Comcast. But from what little I’ve seen, it looks good.

Sorry about all the DC stuff. DC Universe means I have more information coming out of DC than anything else and DC just has more announcements this year. Plus, outside of the recent live action movies (baring Wonder Woman) I’ve always been more of a DC fan anyway. Side note: anyone else notice that the comics have started to get darker again over the past few months? Should have known the happiness wouldn’t last. *Sigh* Maybe that’ll change after ‘Doomsday Clock’. I doubt it. (SPOILERS) They just killed off Wally again. Off panel.

Have I missed anything? I’m going over news from up to seven months ago so I probably did. Let me know if I missed anything. Next week, a summary of the movies I saw…and maybe a Doctor Who review…and maybe also a Titans review. Maybe. Still not sure on that last one.