Well, I’ve been gone for a while. Sorry about that. God, I have no excuse. Let’s get a Quickies out of the way and clear our way for the new year.

  1. Just so we can get last year’s movies off the que, here’re my shorter reviews for everything I missed:
    1. Doctor Strange: Pre-Magic Strange is Pre-Iron Man Tony without the charm, fun, and likeability. The acting was great. Yes, the Ancient One being a White Lady is as awkward a thing to see as you’d expect. Cumberbatch was an excellent Strange though the accent is odd to hear. No love interest. Film would probably look amazing either drunk or high. Another hit for Marvel, but that’s expected. Go buy it. Strange is in Thor 3 so that’ll be fun.
    2. Fantastic Beasts: I like how we’re following adults now that our child protagonist is all grown up along with the audience. Having a Hufflepuff lead is great too. Now if we can just get a Ravenclaw. The American Wizarding World is a nice change of pace and makes our kinda discount Doctor Who Newt (which I didn’t mind cause I’m so starved for Doctor Who these days) an audience POV. Plus we had a muggle (No-Maj, damn Americans) for anything else we don’t know. Good acting. Weak sequel bait, but the next one’s got Dumbledore in it. Go buy it. We get four more of these films coming. All Hail The Queen! She’s Done It Again!
    3. Rouge One: I just cannot get Star Wars reviews out in a timely manner, can I? Leads are kinda bland, but they get the job done. I kinda like it on equal footing with Force Awakens. Climax is amazing, Vader’s got great scenes. CGI people are weird, but you get used to it. Contains foreshadowing (both subtle and not) for the original film plus actors from the prequels doing better here. Honestly, I went into this just wanting a better prequel than the prequel trilogy and that’s what I got. Go buy it. Can’t wait for Episode VIII: The Last Jedi.
  2. Well, we finally have a replacement for that Inhumans movie that got scrapped and turned into a TV show: Another Spider-Man movie! …*Facepalm* I mean, it’s still Marvel so it’ll most likely be good, but we couldn’t have waited until the first movie came out to get a confirmation? Well, I do like this guy and I liked his trailer…I’ll let it slide for now. Honestly, I’m more interested in those 3 unnamed films coming out in 2020.
    1. Speaking of Marvel, one of my favourite ‘Black Panther’ characters has been cast, Angela Bassett (who played Amanda Waller (…Viola Davis in Suicide Squad) in Green Lantern) plays T’Challa’s badass stepmother Romanda. She’s fairly youngish compared to the comics, but they did the same thing with Aunt May so okay.
  3. No surprise, Luke Cage got a second season.
    1. Stranger Things also got a second season. Yay!
    2. Watching Netflix’s A Series of Unfortunate Events. Like it better than the movie so far and Patrick Harris makes a better Olaf than Jim Carrey. …Oh yeah, they got a second season too.
    3. Hulu’s making a show based off ‘The Runaways’, one of my favourite Marvel series. Yay!
    4. 7 months til work on another Hannibal season can start…Not letting that die.
    5. We’re also getting 3 Marvel Netflix shows this year: Iron Fist, The Defenders mini series, and The Punisher spin off. I’m assuming this is because The Defenders is a mini series and not a show.
  4. Since I didn’t say anything, I’ll comment on it. The Rocky Horror Picture Show remake was weird, even by Rocky Horror standards. I liked the opening song and Laverne Cox as Frank N Furter, but everything else? Not so much. Sorry, you can’t replace the original. Probably on par with most of the NBC Live Musicals baring The Wiz.
    1. Didn’t see Hairspray Live so opinion for that pending.
  5. RIP everyone who died in 2016. Congrats to Betty White, Stan Lee, The Queen of England, and others for making it through it.
  6. The Baccano light novels are available in America. You should read them. They’re great. So’s the anime. It’s only 16 episodes. Go watch them!
  7. Yep, Young Justice is coming back. So we’ve got revivals of Star Trek, Young Justice, Samurai Jack, MST3K, FLCL, Hey Arnold, and more on the horizon. …When did this year decide to become amazing!?
  8. Capaldi is leaving Doctor Who after the next season….I’m sad now.

On a final note, I’m in grad school. Yay!

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