Okay, wow. I’ve uh-ha-I’ve been gone a while. Crap. Alright. So, What’d I Miss?

  1. First of all, I’ve had Hamilton on the brain since I saw it with my family back in April and haven’t gotten it out of my head since. It’s part of the reason I haven’t be writing actually. Thanks Mom. In all seriousness, the hype is real and, if you can, you should go see the show. I went to the show currently playing in Chicago and it was amazing. Big props for Chris Lee who plays both Lafayette and Thomas Jefferson who were easily my favourite characters. I’ve managed to track down some clips of the original actor, Daveed Diggs, playing the role and Lee lives up to him spectacularly. Also, I ship Lams…Google it.
    1. The creator, Lin-Manuel Miranda has announced he’s working on the movie adaptation.
      1. He’ll also be in Mary Poppins Returns alongside Emily Blunt and will be writing some songs. If this doesn’t nab him that Oscar…well, it’s up to Hamilton.
    2. I also got into Heathers, but I haven’t seen the movie yet.
  2. Jodie Whittaker was cast as the 13th Doctor and, before you think otherwise from my last Doctor Who review, I’m extremely excited. I’ve said before that Missy proves the audience can accept a genderswapped version of a beloved character and that it was established before that Time Lords can change gender. It happens right in front of us at the end of series 9! As much as I love Capaldi, it’s the Doctor’s turn. She’ll be coming to us in the 2017 Christmas Special ‘The Doctors’, which I promise I’ll actually have out on time for once.
    1. Whittaker has also worked with the new showrunner Chris Chibnall previously on the ITV series Broadchurch (which was remade as the short lived Gracepoint in the US), starring alongside 10th Doctor David Tennant.
  3. I’ll be making a much bigger Quickies post next week on everything we’ve learned from San Diego Comic Con, but I had to mention this now…HOLY CRAP, THE HULK IS TALKING!!
    1. I will also be making that Summer Season Thoughts. I swear I will get that done before August with my initial thoughts of the films I have seen/heard of prior to having seen/ heard of them.
  4. Just a little over a month before work on the Hannibal revival can begin…that is all.
    1. GET HYPED!!!
  5. Saw La La Land, thought it was okay. Still think Moana should have one for Best Song.
    1. Also saw Your Name, an anime film about love and time travel. It was excellent. You should go buy it.
    2. Saw Baby Driver. It was awesome! Great music. Great action. Fun characters. Go see it.
  6. Netflix premiered the Castlevania anime and HOLY CRAP A GOOD VIDEO GAME ADAPTATION!! I didn’t think it was possible.
    1. In other show related news, while I don’t care about the characters much, the new Inhumans show looks pretty good. Medusa’s hair effects don’t look that bad either.
    2. The Defenders comes out next month…still have to watch Luke Cage and Iron Fist.
    3. There was another Steven Bomb and it was awesome. Can’t wait for more.
  7. Rey was finally added to Star Wars Monopoly. Better late than never.

Finally, George A. Romero, the Father of The Zombie Movie, has passed. No doubt he will someday return to devour us all. Probably around the same time Christopher Lee once more rises from his vampire coffin.

Next week: SDCC Quickies and a Doctor Who review.