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Ah, New York Comic Con: AKA San Diego Comic Con East. While not as big as SDCC, it’s still one of the top 3 most important entertainment conventions in the US (The third being Anime Expo). Like my Quickie on SDCC, this may (definitely) contain long winded geek rants.

Let’s get started.


  1. So, guess who’s gonna be the bad guy for the Defenders Netflix miniseries next year. Sci Fi Queen herself Sigourney Weaver. Between this and Winona Ryder starring in Stranger Things this year, I’m getting a lot of my favourite actress back in the Speculative Fiction limelight.
    1. The Punisher series is gonna be out during 2017 just like Iron Fist and Defenders(?) (Filmed same time as Defenders, maybe?). It will as feature Deborah Ann Woll reprising her role as Karen Page from Daredevil. There are other characters too, but I’ve only just started reading Punisher comics this year so I don’t know anything about them other than the guy who played Narnia’s Caspian will be his archenemy.
    2. Speaking of Iron Fist. It now has an air date, March 17th, 2017. No costume yet, but the trailer looks good. Rosario Dawson returns as Claire Temple while Carrie-Ann Moss and Wai Ching Ho reprise their roles as Jeri Hogarth and Madam Gao from past series.
  2. Wolverine 3 is now called Logan. It has Sir Patrick Stewart in it and it’s R rated. All hail Hugh Jackman. We will miss you…at least until Deadpool 2 comes out and we all completely forget you.
  3. Power Rangers got its trailer and I am…less than impressed. I like how Rita’s a lot more threatening, but I have a problem with how the rangers are all apparently juvenile delinquents. I don’t expect them to be the goodie goodies of the original, but I’d rather they not be assholes…this is because you’re doing this without Bulk and Skull, isn’t it? Well, you got Zordon (Bryan Cranston) and Alpha as well as Goldar and the Putties so…eh. Let’s see how this goes.
  4. The Doctor Who Christmas Special jumps on the Superhero Bandwagon…on the one hand, wow, Doctor Who has never done anything with superheros. On the other, holy crap this sounds amazing and I can’t wait. Good start to Moffat’s last season.
    1. The Doctor Who spin off Class has a teaser. It looks interesting and I’ve been wanting a new Doctor Who spin off for year. Coal Hill School has apparently been upgraded since Clara left to Coal Hill Academy and Peter Capaldi will cameo. October 22nd on BBC America. Go watch it.
  5. Guillermo del Toro has created an animated show on Netflix called Trollhunters. It looks epic, but then it is Guillermo del Toro. Should be good.
  6. The Wall’s new trailer makes it look even more like a ‘White Savior’ story. No one in the cast is saying anything to address it directly. Well, I wasn’t going to watch it anyway.
  7. Black Mirror’s third season is coming out this month. Looks creepy as all hell.
  8. DC has…done nothing big. This makes me sad. On the other hand, there’s nothing to make me sad and angry. *Is handed memo* Huh?….Oh, wait. Superman will be in Justice League…I thought that was obvious. Also, I don’t care.
  9. In happier news, America Chavez of ‘Young Avengers’ and ‘Ultimates’ fame is getting her own comic. For those who don’t know, America Chavez, AKA Ms America, AKA MAC, is a badass Latin-American LGBT teen from an Alternate Universe who, among other awesome powers, can travel to alternate realities by punching (and kicking) star shaped portals. She’s amazing! This also makes two of my favourite ‘Young Avengers’ characters (the other is Kate Bishop’s Hawkeye) to get her own series. Now I’m just holding out for a Hulking and Wiccan solo series. Also, give me more ‘Runaways’.
    1. Why am I talking about Marvel’s comics and not DC’s? Because I care more about Marvel’s. Though there was an entire panel about Wonder Woman to celebrate her 75th anniversary. Oh yeah, Batwoman’s getting her own comic too and it’s written by a woman who’s queer.
  10. Steven Universe ia having a Halloween episode called “Gen Harvest”. Lots of Lapis and Peridot. Should be fun.

In unrelated news: I saw Shin Godzilla and it was great. It’s the first Japanese film in the franchise to ignore the original 1954 film completely, but it still holds true to the original message, building on more recent disasters to establish his creation while also acting as a commentary of Japanese politics (which are insane, but I got that from their law system which is parodied in the Phoenix Wright games). I’m excited for the sequel and those of American Godzilla and Pacific Rim. Give me more giant monsters, please! Good job Hideaki Anno. You just got a bunch of money to make that last Eva movie.

Also: I went to American Murder Song. It was a concert. It was great. Nuff said.

See you Saturday!

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