So, apparently I can’t listen to my own advice because here’s a list of films coming out this fall and my interest in seeing them. I will be going over the wikipedia pages and trailers of each movie and giving my initial thoughts on whether or not I want to see them. I will be splitting these into the categories of Watching (AKA Hell, yes of course I’m watching this), Interested, Eh, and NOPE!, which should be self explanatory. These will be films coming out during the Fall months: September, October, and November. I will not be seeing all of these movies because, as I’ve said previously, I have no job presently and I may change my mind about some of these films down the road. Let’s get started!


Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children: A Tim Burton film without Johnny Depp or Helena Bonham Carter and based off a good book (which I own, but haven’t read yet)? Yes, please. I’ve really needed a good Tim Burton film again…Note to Self: Get around to watching Frankenweenie and Big Eyes.

My Little Pony: Equestria Girls – Legend of Everfree: …Not sure if I should count this one since it’s being released on Netflix instead of in theatres, but whatever, Seen the other three. Liked the latest two. Like the show it’s spun from. Like the music. Yeah, I’m seeing it.

The Girl on the Train: Based on a good book I haven’t read yet, but has always seemed really interesting to me. Now, it’s getting a movie and it’s one of my favourite genres. Of course I’m gonna go see it.

Doctor Strange: New Marvel film. Of course I’m gonna see it. Why wouldn’t I? It’s Holmes vs Lecter. Also, it has Chiwetel Ejiofor in it, an actor I love, but whose name, I think, makes my friends think I’m racist because I can never remember it. (It’s a hard name!) Yes, I’m skeptical about the whitewashing as well. It’s Marvel so I’m giving them the benefit of doubt. Don’t disappoint me!

Arrival: A Sci-Fi Drama about first contact where the lead is a linguist and science is used instead of violence. Sounds right up my ally. It’s the same reason I loved The Martian…minus the first contact of course, but you get the point. I gotta track down the original short story.

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them: …Did you really expect me to not go to see something made by J.K. Rowling? I love the Harry Potter franchise and this is an extension of it. Plus, we get to see the American Wizarding World. That’s awesome! Looking forward to it and forcing my dad to see it. What? He’s seen the other eight movies.

Moana: It’s an animated Disney film. Do I need to give a reason for why I’m going to go see it? It’s Disney and they’ve been great over the past decade. For some reason they decided to not make this a Princess film, but okay. Plus, music co-made by the guy who made Hamilton. How can you not like that?


The Light Between Oceans: Don’t normally like Romance films, but this isn’t about Romance. It’s more of a family drama. That’s more interesting to me. It being a period piece also helps plus the fact that the accents aren’t American. Just inches over the line between Interested and Eh.

Morgan: Now this is more like it. A Sci-Fi Thriller produced by Ridley Scott. Only thing that’s keeping this from being a Watching is it’s the director’s first film so I have nothing to go on in terms of rep. But it has a solid cast of good actors so I might go see it.

Queen of Katwe: Yes, I don’t like Bio films or Sports films for that matter. Here’s what pushes it over. 1. It’s chess, a sport I actually like…also, that’s a sport? 2. It’s about a woman and there are very few Sports films about women. 3. It’s got Lupita Nyong’o in it, who I really like. And 4. It’s made by Disney and I will watch anything they make. I loved Saving Mr. Banks after all.

Middle School: The Worst Years of My Life: First off, the title is very true. Second, when I read the description of the original book, it didn’t look that interesting. Then I found out it was a graphic novel and I saw the trailer. The characters aren’t idiots, except the adults, and it’s one of those ‘Kids Rule’ stories I loved growing up. Yeah, seems fun.

Voyage of Time: A documentary about science. Now that’s something I like. Apparently, this film has been in production for over forty years. That’s amazing. I probably won’t go see it in theatres for money reasons, but if it shows up on Netflix I’ll watch it.

The Accountant: Really, the only thing that holds me back from putting this in the Watching category is the skepticism in Hollywood’s ability to portray someone with Autism, which the lead seems to have, correctly. It does seem interesting so I might. Affleck’s usually good.

Max Steel: I do like me some superhero film. I’ve heard of the TV shows. Kinda looks like teenaged, not orphan, less smart Iron Man. The lead seems a bit bland in places, but I won’t say no to it. It’s not an Eh cause it’s a superhero film, but I’m not excited enough to put it in Watching either.

Jack Reacher: Never Go Back: Never saw the first film or read the series it’s based on, but it looks interesting. It’s got Cobie Smulders in it. She’s awesome. Maybe if I see the first on before it comes out, I’ll see it.

American Pastoral: The directorial debut of Ewan McGregor based on a book I’ve never read. Set during the Cold War and it’s a family drama. Seems interesting. Might go see it. Hope McGregor’s as good a director as he is an actor. Also, they’re making a Trainspotting 2. Just thought I’d put that out there.

Almost Christmas: A holiday family comedy. The characters don’t seem like idiots and it looks like it could be fun. Been awhile since I’ve seen a film like this. Yeah, I’ll give it a shot. Goodness knows I love Christmas.

Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk: One of the better premises dealing with war that I’ve seen and, to my surprise, not based on a true story. That definitely elevates it into Interested territory. Ang Lee is a good director so I won’t let the fact that he made Hulk stop me from checking this out.

Shut In: A Psychological Thriller film. While it does seem to creep into the ‘Evil Child’ trope, it apparently doesn’t qualify as horror so, Imma give it benefit of doubt. The premise seems interesting and it’s not everyday a French film is released stateside…though it is cheating by making it in English, but whatever. Looks good.

Manchester by the Sea: A Family Drama film. Looks like a touching film. …Don’t really have much else to say. It looks good. Might go see it.

Allied: See, this is how you do a romance that can interest me. You set it in World War 2 with two spies from allied countries and all the intrigue and drama that comes with that premise. Sounds good. And look, a leading actress over thirty five. How refreshing.

Bad Santa 2: Never saw the first one, but I’ve heard good things about it and I love black comedy. That alone puts it in the Interested category. Everyone needs a bit of dark comedy in their lives, even at Christmas.

Lion: A Based on True Story film with a stupid one word title that makes no sense instead of the title of the actual book. At least, Arrival’s made sense. It does seem interesting and I like Dev Patel. Still don’t get the name change though.


Yoga Hosers: Didn’t see the first film. Haven’t seen anything by Kevin Smith. Just doesn’t seem like something I’d be interested in. Then again, I said the same thing about Sausage Party and look how that one turned out. If a film fanatic friend drags me to it, I won’t say no.

Sully: Based on True Story film. Not that interesting to me. Remember, I only saw Spotlight because the leads were Batman and the Hulk. Only reason this isn’t in NOPE! is because the lead is Tom Hanks and Clint Eastwood is a good director, both of which push it more towards Interested, but not quite there.

When the Bough Breaks: This did seem interesting at first, but then it appears to go into the ‘hormones make women crazy’ trope, but with a pregnancy. As far as I can tell, the actors are mainly known for comedy roles and the director’s best known for 24 so I don’t know. Maybe, but I don’t have my hopes high.

Bridget Jones’s Baby: Haven’t seen the other two films and I don’t like Romantic Comedies, with some exceptions. I applaud them for trying to fix a film series after the last one twelve years ago and for keeping the original actors. The fact that it’s British puts it higher on the list, but it’s still just an Eh for me.

The Magnificent Seven: The remake of a famous remake of a legendary Japanese film. …This can only lead to good things. I applaud them for making the lead Denzel Washington and adding diversity to the cast, but that’s all I can give them. I’m sure he’ll be good, but I can’t say the film will given the trend of remakes. Maybe, if I hear it’s good.

Storks: …I like how one half of the leads is a girl and there’s no chance of a romantic relationship (…I hope) which would be really contrived and dumb. It just doesn’t seem that interesting. Maybe. Also, why is there a human working at the stork factory?

Deepwater Horizon: Not just a Based on True Story film, but a Disaster film. Again, True Story plus recent history. Not that interested. If I want to know more about that particular disaster, I’ll watch The Newsroom’s pilot. Higher than most films in this category, but lower than Sully.

Kevin Hart: What Now?: I’m not much for stand up comedy outside of Eddie Izzard so I doubt I’ll go see it. If it’s on Netflix? Maybe. Comedy’s just really not my genre.

Boo!: A Madea Halloween: Haven’t seen the other films. Seems like one of those parody films that I avoid. Only reason that it’s not a NOPE! is because it’s not a straight horror film. Horror comedies can be really good though given the reception of the other films, I’m not optimistic.

Keeping Up With the Joneses: Kinda reminds me of Central Intelligence with a couple. Might be fun, but the lead seems like a bit of an idiot and you know I hate that type of comedy. Maybe. It does have Wonder Woman in it.

Inferno: Based on a book series I’ve never read and the third in a series of films I’ve never seen. I’ve always found this series fascinating, like an older audience National Treasure series (which I love). Probably won’t see it, but I do love me some Dante.

Hacksaw Ridge: Based on True Story film. While I’ll admit the premise is interesting, what with it being set in World War 2 and being about a guy who saved so many lives, it’s still doesn’t appeal to me. You wanna watch it? Great. Enjoy it!

Trolls: Sorry, DreamWorks. It just doesn’t look good to me. That may change when the reviews come in because I like most of DreamWorks’ stuff, but I’m not interested in the anti social guy and preppy girl fall in love story. (Don’t look at me like that. You know that’s how it’s gonna end!) Also, the Troll dolls? Really? Well, at least you can conceivably make a story out of those.

The Edge of Seventeen: Sounds like high school. …I hated high school. Seems a bit interesting, but not enough to get my attention. Just seems like another coming of age story. I like the history teacher. He’s funny and he was Tallahassee in Zombieland. …Now I want a twinkie.

Rules Don’t Apply: A will they won’t they romantic comedy. Not really my cup of tea, but it looks funny and it’s set in the 50s so I won’t rule it out…is it just me or are there a lot of films this season with some focus on religion? Is that normal?


The Disappointments Room: Two words: Horror. Film. …Yeah, no thanks. Also, this may be a trend for films in the NOPE! Category. Sorry about that, but I prefer to sleep at night and I don’t get enough as it is. Also, it kinda seems like a mix of Amityville Horror and something else.

Hillsong: Let Hope Rise: I’m not a big documentary fan to begin with outside of history, culture, tech, and nature. Music isn’t something I’m interested in and I have even less interest in religion. Pass. It does seem very touching though. Hope you enjoy it.

Snowden: Again, little to no interest in Based on True Story films. I’m also just not that interested in the events of the 21st century. My wheelhouse of interest is the Victorian Era through the Cold War. If you want me interested in this century, show me some tech.

Blair Witch: …Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope. Also, sequel to a film I haven’t seen.

Masterminds: Comedy and Based on a True Story. …This may as well have a big neon sign over it say ‘Not For Aine!’ I hate it when the comedy is that the leads are stupid and that’s the joke. That is not funny. That is sad and uncomfortable. That’s how this movie makes me feel. Being based on a true story makes it seem worse.

I’m Not Ashamed: A Based on True Story film based the life of a victim of a horrific school massacre. Add in religion to the mix? Yeah, nope! If you’re interested, go ahead. Many people have drawn parallels between Rachel and Anne Frank so enjoy it if you want.

Ouija: Origin of Evil: Horror film and prequel to a film I haven’t seen. Sorry, but the only thing I like with an ouija board in it is Most Haunted. You should watch that show. It’s great. It’s on Netflix.

Rings: Yeah…hell no. The next in an American remake series of a famous Japanese franchise I’ve never seen and a horror film. Again, giant neon sign over it. I don’t watch Japanese horror as it is, unless it’s animated, and they remade that? NOPE!!!

Bleed for This: A Based on True Story film and a sports film. Boxing isn’t a sport I follow and there’s a reason I haven’t seen the Rocky films yet. Not that interesting to me. Have fun if you enjoy this sort of thing.

That’s my list. Hope you enjoyed it and look forward to my Miss Peregrine review at the end of the month. See you next week!

(Photo via Crazy Gallery)