Since Wednesday has become my backup post day whenever Moffat’s filming, I thought today rather than Saturday would be the best day to tell you guys that there will be no new post this week. Don’t worry, I’m not going off on one of my three month hiatuses due to school related depression/ stress. I’ve graduated, remember?

No, the reason I’ll be away is because I’ll be attending my cousin’s wedding/ my family reunion this weekend and I’ll be staying with my folks from tomorrow onward til they’re over. Since family is more important than my blog (I know, shocker, I have a life outside of nerddom), I won’t be bringing my laptop with me. I’ll have my IPad, but only so I can continue work on my various books and short stories while I’m gone.

But don’t despair, because next week I’ll be giving you two movie reviews to make up for it. Wednesday will be a review of Batman: The Killing Joke while Saturday will be a review of Star Trek Beyond AKA The Movie I Would Be Reviewing This Week If It Weren’t For Familial Obligations. I hope that between these two it’ll make up for my absence.

Thank you for your understanding and have a lovely weekend!

(Photo via Warner Bros. Pictures)