Sorry for the delay….again…grr.

So, I’m behind so we’re gonna do quickies instead cause I’m sick of being behind on my posts. These things are for Saturdays, damn it! Wednesday’s are for Doctor Who and Sherlock reviews and we’re not getting any of those until Christmas!!

  1. I forgot to put this in my last Quickies so, here you go: The Hateful Eight. Good western, good mystery, good use of Sam Jackson and Kurt Russell, good Tarantino film. It’s awesome. Definitely one of his best. Can’t say for certain if it’s the best. I like Reservoir Dogs and Inglourious Basterds more and, to my disgust, I still haven’t seen Pulp Fiction yet. But, definitely in the top 5.
  2. Finally saw Hot Fuzz and thus completed the Cornetto Trilogy. I can see why it’s considered the best. Dark comedy’s my bread and butter and this film is one of the best.
  3. JK Rowling has released details about the North American Wizarding School: Ilvermorny. I like how she’s made it so the American Wizarding Society was built on the foundations of what their British counterparts might call ‘evil’, but turned it into something powerful: a union between wizard and muggle (no-mag as we apparently call them in the states). That’s nice. Shame they went and screwed that up.
    1. There’s also a quiz for Ilvermorny on Pottermore. I got sorted into Thunderbird. I’m also a Ravenclaw, if you’re curious. Caw Caw Mother[BLEEP]ers!
    2. On a related note, I’m looking forward to Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them as well as the upcoming Cursed Child script book. All Hail the Queen! She’s done it again!
  4. Sulu is gay in the Kelvin (reboot) Star Trek universe…Awesome!
  5. Early reviews for the new Ghostbuster movie look positive. I might just go see it!
  6. Give me a few months and I’ll get [Kitten] and [Sunshine] into Hannibal. Looking forward to inducting two new Fannibals. #FannibalsForS4!
  7. …Job hunting sucks. That is all.

Finally, congrats to my cousin [Doc] who’s getting married next weekend. Looking forward to the wedding!

Coming this Saturday:…Something else. *Crosses fingers*

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