Well, I’m back. Sorry, last quarter was extremely stressful. But that’s all done and my head is buzzing with ideas for posts. I’ll try to write some reviews for things I’ve seen and haven’t posted yet like the rest of Doctor Who Series 9, the Sherlock New Years Special, Deadpool, Zootopia, Jessica Jones, Daredevil Season 2, etc. However, my ideas mostly revolve around Marvel as they’re still a big thing and Civil War is coming out soon. First up, however, catch up on the past few months.

  1. Just to eliminate stuff from prior to 2016 other than Doctor Who, quick summaries on Mockingjay Part 2 and The Force Awakens: The last Hunger Games movie was good. It wraps up the series and follows the book pretty well. I like the series, though I preferred the first one overall. The latest Star Wars movie was better. Yes, it emulates the first film, but it’s still it’s own film with its own characters. Can’t wait for the next one and the anthology series starts this year. It’s got Mads Mikkelsen and Alan Tudyk in it so I’m happy.
  2. Trump is a Dalek. Moving on.
  3. Bioshock is awesome. It’s a fantastic story with great visuals and voice acting. The twists are great, the enemies are scary, the atmosphere is unsettling and creepy. I just love it. It’s become one of my favourite video games. Personally, my favourite character is Dr. Tenenbaum and I’m so happy she was in Bioshock 2. I can’t wait to finish Bioshock 2 and to play the other games in the series. I’ve heard they’re making another game. Are they going back to Rapture? Are they staying in Columbus? Or will it be something new? Time will tell. …Kinda wish that movie had been made though.
  4. Big news for Doctor Who. Some good, some bad: Doctor Who has been delayed to 2017. Steven Moffat is leaving after next season. Peter Capaldi may or may not be leaving with Moffat. David Tennant and Catherine Tate are coming to Big Finish to continue the 10th Doctor and Donna’s adventures. John Hurt’s Doctor, River Song, and Kate Stewart are already getting Big Finish audio productions. The Doctor’s getting a new companion. How about one who’s not white lady from 21st century England? Now we wait for the next Christmas Special.
  5. Also, no Sherlock until next year either. My God, there’s more Marvel movies than there are Sherlock episodes.
  6. Batman v Superman is being heavily panned. What is that I’m on? Two for two for bad superhero movies? Apparently Luthor was the worst part, not surprised. Apparently Wonder Woman was the best part, also not surprised. This is good. At the very least, we’ll finally get her movie after Suicide Squad, which I’m betting will also be bad. I had hope for it because of Harley Quinn, but they’re using her New 52 origin that took away her agency in becoming a villain. Not off to a good start. The outfit I could excuse because she’s crazy. The best case is that it’s okay.
  7. Luke Cage is coming in September and Jessica Jones got a second season which will probably air next year. Also, they’ve cast the lead actor for Iron Fist. He’s not Asian-American like I had hoped, but I can’t really complain because he looks like he does in the comics. His show will probably also air next year, pending a 3rd Daredevil or 2nd Luke Cage. This will most likely be followed by The Defenders miniseries the year after.
  8. The Killing Joke animated film (which will possibly be rated R) will reunite three voice actors from Batman: The Animated Series. That being Mark Hamill as The Joker, Kevin Conroy as Batman, and Tara Strong as Barbara Gordon. The preview looked great. Hamill and Conroy will also reprise their roles in an upcoming Cartoon Network animated series called Justice League Action. James Woods will play Lex Luthor.
  9. Lego Batman Movie…That is all.
  10. The Star Trek Beyond trailer looks fine, actually looks better than the first two. I’m excited for it. I mean it’s half written by Simon Pegg! I agree with the director though, they could’ve left out the motorcycle scene. On that note: Bryan Fuller is showrunning the new Star Trek TV series. This pleases me.
  11. Also on that note: NBC is blaming the Fannibals for Hannibal’s cancellation, citing the fact that it was the fifth most pirated to show. Well, what did you expect with a show with a large international fan base, including countries that the show doesn’t air and you don’t permit to legally stream it, limited options for legal viewing, and the fact that you very rarely, if ever, promoted the series? It’s almost like you were trying to kill it and are blaming the people who kept it alive to save your own asses. Don’t blame the fans for your own selfishness and incompetence. What assholes!
  12. The creators of Welcome to Night Vale have begun a new podcast entitled Alice Isn’t Dead, narrated by Jasika Nicole, the voice of Night Vale’s Dana. The story, updated every other Tuesday, is about a truck driver driving across the country looking for her missing wife. I’ve listened to the first episode so far and I liked it. It’s different from Night Vale, but you can tell it was made by the same people. It’s similarly written, told from the truck’s CB radio rather than a radio show, and is similarly creepy. I look forward to listening to more.
  13. Pictures of Mads Mikkelsen as [INSERT NAME OF DOCTOR STRANGE BAD GUY HERE] have appeared online. He looks great. I love his eye makeup especially. Cumberbatch looks great too.

Okay, I think that covers everything. I’ll post another post next week. Have a lovely day!

(Photo via Warner Bros. Pictures)