Well, it looks like I’m still behind on posts (and Doctor Who reviews….I’ll get on it.). So, let’s have another quick run through of stuff I missed over the past month.

1.Jessica Jones came out. It was awesome. There will be a review. That is all.

2. Holy Crap! Who expected that The Wiz Live! was gonna be better than the two ‘so bad they’re good’ live shows we’ve had the past two years? (admittedly, Peter Pan Live! is a guilty pleasure for me) This is the best version of The Wiz I’ve ever seen, far better than the movie.

2.5. Speaking of The Wiz, do people just not wiki things before they talk about them? Am I the only one who does that? Because if you took the ten seconds it took to look it up on Wikipedia, racist commenters of the The Wiz, you would know that it’s SUPPOSED to have an all black cast. The only times it doesn’t is when schools perform it, like mine did. …I was a Poppie and a Winkie if you’re curious.

3. The Captain America: Civil War trailer….Tony. You and Cap aren’t friends. At best you’re teammates. As far as I can tell, you’re drinking buddies with Thor and friends with Bruce Banner. As far as I can tell, you hate Widow, you and Cap do nothing but argue, and you make fun of Hawkeye (Who doesn’t?). I still say you’re only fighting Cap because Ross is holding your boyfriend science bro hostage. But, yeah. This trailer is awesome. Looks great. Black Panther looks amazing.

3.5. The guy who directed Creed may be directing Black Panther. This pleases me.

3.5.5. So, is Mads Mikkelsen playing the bad guy in Doctor Strange? Or is it Chiwetel Ejiofor playing Strange’s archenemy? Or the rival scientist dude? I don’t get it. Imma guess Ejiofor because that actually makes sense in a Doctor Strange movie.

4. Women in the military can now fight. Great! Still not signing up, but great!

5. Samurai Jack is Back on Cartoon Network’s Toonami, 2016. Somewhere out there a pig has taken off in flight and a snowball is sending a postcard from its holiday in Hell. …This country’s about to be jacked up beyond repair, isn’t it?

5.5. In other news, MST3K is also returning with Felicia Day as the villain, Kinga Forrester. Someone sold their souls for this. I know it. What’s next? Are we gonna get Firefly and Hannibal back too? How about X-Files or Twin Peaks?….wait.

5.5.5. Also, Don Bluth is coming out of retirement. Support his Indiegogo campaign.

6. Hannibal was snubbed a Golden Globe nomination…again. Grrr.

7. The new Star Trek trailer came out. It looks great. Lots of films next year I’m really looking forward to.

7.5. Also, Star Wars. It was awesome. Review to follow.

Finally, there have been 4 major attacks over the past month. My heart goes out to the families of those hurt or killed and I honestly wish there was something I could do to help.

I’m in Florida for Christmas so I’ll be back with the post I owe you soon and we can get back to normal…right?

(Photo via NBC)