So, because I couldn’t find something to fill a full blog post, also midterms, I’m gonna introduce a new portion I call ‘Quickies’. This is where I talk and ramble on about things I’ve seen/ heard this week. Let’s get it started!

  1. Hulk’s gonna be in Thor: Ragnarok. Thus lending more credence to my theory that Ross will be using Banner to blackmail Stark into working with him in Civil War. Since all reports state that the third Thor film will take place somewhere besides Earth and Asgard, the ‘Planet Hulk’ theory is also becoming pretty likely. Not understanding the lack of Anthony Hopkins as Odin. I mean, Loki’s pretending to be Odin and has been keeping it up since the end of Thor: The Dark World, right? So, either they figure out the truth really early on or the audience are the only ones who can see Loki’s true form. Eh, whatever. I’m not really a fan of the Thor films so I’m probably looking forward to this one the least of the Phase 3 movies, but I’ll watch them since they’re pretty important in terms of the Marvel Cinematic Universe overall.
  1. The new Welcome to Night Vale episode came out a few days ago. Why is this noteworthy? Because it takes place after the event of the novel which comes out in two days. This means that just about everyone listening to it has no idea what the hell Cecil is talking about until they got the book. I was laughing the entire time because I DID. I understood it all. See my Night Vale novel review. I was hoping the show would put in references to the novel as the release date got closer and they did. Great job guys!
  1. So, Stephenie Meyer is rewriting Twilight with the main leads’ genders flip flopped. On the one hand, someone needs to stop this lady from writing because all her work and all that have spun from it are terrible and I don’t understand why people like it (my mother included). (NOTE: If you like Twilight or any of its spin off material (Most notably 50 Shades of Gray) or any of Meyer’s other work, while I may question your taste in fiction, I will not judge you for it. Everyone’s entitled to their own opinion.) On the other hand, it’s actually a pretty neat idea. Just imagine how much better Bella’s self insert Mary Sue character would have been if she had been a guy. It might have been an interesting satire on how women’s roles are poorly regulated in literature/ film. Though it would mean that he’d have his own harem of girls fawning over him (I assume she’d change Jacob’s gender as well though it’d be nice if she didn’t) so…yeah. Short version is: I don’t care.
  1. There is one month and two days left until Marvel’s Jessica Jones premieres on Netflix. …That’s not news, I’m just really excited for it and want it to get here already.
  1. Crimson Peak came out this weekend. It looks interesting and, while I don’t like horror very much, this one looks good and it’s not a slasher film so that’s a plus. Also, it’s directed by Guillermo del Toro, and I liked Pan’s Labyrinth. I might go see it next weekend. Time to call up some backup to go with me.
  1. ‘Black Widow Forever Red; just came out and I have a copy of it. According to early reviews, it’s good and I made the right decision. Also, apparently it ties in with the Marvel Cinematic Universe, or at the very least is based off it, as the events of The Avengers are mentioned. Also, apparently Tony’s in it. That’ll be fun to look for.

    7. Dear lord so I have a lot to catch up on. Not only am I an entire season behind Sleepy Hollow, Bones, and Castle, I’m still not done with SHIELD, Carter, How to Get Away with Murder, Gotham, Mysteries of Laura, or IZombie. Though thankfully I’m finished with Flash. Now to catch up with Arrow. Hell, at least most of those I have access to in some way. I have to buy the latest Castle DVD to catch up. Netflix and Hulu, don’t fail me now!

Well folks, that’s all I got this week. I’ll get that Doctor Who review out soon. Midterms are a pain and my sleep schedule’s been nuts.

(Photo via Marvel Studios)