So, last week I ranted about what Amazon did to Agents of SHIELD season 2 and Agent Carter‘s DVDs. Well, since I promised two posts this week, let’s check back on that and talk about what ELSE is wrong with Amazon because that’s not the only thing Amazon’s screwed up on and, yes, it’s mostly about Hannibal. …No, I’m not done with that show. Season 3 DVD, December 8th, Over 12 HOURS of Extras. Sign me up!

Last week, SHIELD s2’s Blu-Ray was $72, poorly packaged with little to no extras. Agent Carter‘s was the same, but $37. It’s at the point where SHIELD s2 is getting 2 star ratings instead of the deserved 5, based solely on the packaging. To be fair to Amazon, they have since lowered the price of SHIELD down to a more reasonable $55, which is still $8 more than its first season which has multiple special features at the same number of episodes. I hate to compare it to a DC product, but the Blu-Ray for The Flash s1, which has one more episode plus a butt ton of features, is $45, that $10 less!

Agent Carter, on the other hand, has not changed price. This is possibly because the rating is the well deserved 5 instead of 2. For price comparison for it, FOX’s Sleepy Hollow s1, a short season with only 13 episodes along with special features on its Blu-Ray, is only $20, which is $3 less than its DVD…*Shrugs* Either way, a show with more episodes than Agent Carter‘s 8 is priced over $10 less.

Whether or not Amazon releases the rights to allow better and cheaper DVDs to be released is yet to be seen, but highly anticipated. Luckily for me, I got the SHIELD‘s s1 Blu-Ray at my local geek store for only $22.

That’s not to say I won’t buy DVDs without extras. When it comes to something like, say, Gargoyles for example I don’t particularly care about the lack of special features. Honestly, I’m just glad it’s released at all. But this is for a cult show which got releases with special features with the last half rushed out due to popularity. That’s fine. I get the full show and I’m happy about it….SHIELD and Agent Carter are not old cult shows. They are very recent, very popular shows of an equally popular franchise that deserve special features.

Well, that’s all for the catch up, how about what else Amazon has messed up? Yes, this is where we come back to Hannibal.

As some of you may know, at least those who read my Hannibal post, Hannibal‘s streaming rights are owned exclusively by Amazon. Because of this, streaming sites who would gladly give Hannibal another season, like Netflix, are unable to save the show with their only option being to wait until the rights expire. In addition, Amazon refuses to do anything with the rights except hold on to them and not let anyone have them. They won’t even make a new season. And they think making a Galaxy Quest series makes up for it. It doesn’t…but it helps. Also, the aforementioned Hannibal s3 DVD? The Blu-Ray’s $25.

All in all, Amazon has a lot of problems even if it it is where I buy most of my stuff from. This little ‘scheme’, however, isn’t making me buy things, but making me wait until I can get what I want elsewhere and while I am not patient, I am incredibly stubborn. On the streaming front, Netflix and Hulu are still getting my attention because they save shows I enjoy, popular shows I enjoy….with many fans….all obsessed with a cannibal who eats the rude….You’ve been very rude, Amazon.

What’s to be done about that?

(Photo via Amazon)